I had a dream last night that the new movie Don Jon is really a zombie romance movie.

Hmmm. I wonder of that would make it a better film. Then again, any movie with Scarlett Johansson can’t go wrong. And add to that a brawlin’ Joseph Gordon-Levitt and maybe a blockbuster is in the making.

I think Rotten Tomatoes gives it an 80% positive rating. Did I read that right?

What do you all think? Should the movie be about zombies or keep it as is?



Thought of the day: if the terrorists really want to destroy evil, they need to fill up a plane with virgin-loving wannabe martyrs, and fly it into a Westboro Baptist Church service. –Caedem Marquez —

All proceeds from books sold today go to Wounded Warrior Project. 

Spread the word and buy a book.

My thoughts go out to the innocent who are grieving today.

Well, I failed all of you. I was about 24 hours late in getting my book up but hopefully you will forgive me!

Thanks you for all the support you have shown me this last year; my adventure in writing continues as I just released my new book, “The Girl Who Loved Too Much” a ya paranormal romance.

It’s available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

If you all could help spread the word, I would appreciate it! Just copy and paste the following tweet for Twitter and Facebook.

RT: Love is eternal. So is hate. Exciting, action packed YA Para romance, The Girl Who Loved Too much. http://amzn.to/H8D3lx #amazon

Most importantly, let me know if you enjoyed the book!

Here is the blurb for The Girl Who Loved Too Much:

Love is eternal. So is hate.

All 18-year-old Jennifer Gransen wants is to be normal and to be loved. Those in her small town hate her. They believe she is a monster because her eyes are the color of diamonds. Her neighbor, Elder Johnson, is her most vocal enemy and he has not ceased recounting the frightening sounds and vicious sights he once witnessed outside her farm. Her existence as a despised and distrusted teen isn’t going to end soon.

Then, Gabriel comes to town. He is handsome and confident and unlike the other townspeople, doesn’t look away when he sees Jennifer’s eyes.

What should be the start of a beautiful love story turns into war when Jennifer discovers she has the ability to control wind and lightning; Elder decides she is out to destroy Gabriel, as well as the town, and he readies his attack. Jennifer will have to use everything in her power to defeat Elder. If she doesn’t beat him he will destroy her world and unleash the monster he always believed her to be.

I’ve put off publishing “The Girl Who Loved Too Much” for far too long. I never meant to, but somehow things always got in the way. Whether it was my computer crashing, my working on other books, or just simply seeing a movie instead of doing my last read through, I have not published “The Girl Who Loved Too Much” and I should have.

So as a promise to my fans and friends, I am going to get “The Girl Who Loved Too Much” up by Monday, March 26.

I originally started it way back in 2004, if my memory serves right and finished it in 2008. It was edited last year and I’ve been waiting to get it out there because I wanted to write the sequel, then I wasn’t sure if I should put them out together, then I thought maybe I should put the first book out, then wait a few months and blah blah blah.

In the end, I kind of froze myself with indecision. Am I going to get blamed because the name is too familiar with the other series? You know which one I’m talking about. The ones by Stieg Larsson. Interestingly enough, I never heard of the books until 2010.

Should I even put out a YA novel when the other works I have put out are for adults and I don’t even have a YA fan base?

Anyway, there was a lot of hand wringing for no good purpose.

So, I am sitting in my coffee shop, trying to work and I have decided that my fans deserve another book and it’s time to put it out there.

So I promise, by Monday, I will have hit publish.

I just have to finish the cover, do my last read through and finish the blurb. I CAN do it! Lol.


Buy the Holiday Romance Today!

I love the holidays!

The lights have an extra glow against the pure white snow. The familiar croons and swoons of the music is growing on me, even though I hated it as a kid. I enjoy Christmas-themed shows, love the garlands wrapped around banisters, and I still am waiting for that kiss under the mistletoe.

The holidays will be spent relaxing and laughing with family.

But in the meantime, I have spent my days trying to get my new story out. Would you believe spending eleven straight hours on a wooden chair is possible? I do. I’ve done it and man is it a pain. I always forget how much work goes into publishing even though this is my fifth book.

I released my newest book today. It’s the first in the Finding Love series, titled, “A Boyfriend Before Christmas.”

Rachel McDaniel is the main character, just as she is in the second title in the Finding Love series, “Life, Love and the Pursuit of Chocolate.”

I didn’t realize how much I enjoy writing about her, nor how much I like her character.

It’s my hope others like her as well.

So as the snow piles up and the hot chocolate continues to pour, please buy the newest book. It’s a great fire-side read.

Product Description:

A Boyfriend Before Christmas

Rachel McDaniel loves being a single, 29-year-old co-owner of a chocolate shop. But when Rachel’s aging mentor, Mama Bird unexpectedly decides the workaholic youngster needs a boyfriend before Christmas, Rachel must decide what she really wants in life: a man or her thriving career.

The quest for love will send her into hilarious situations. In the end, Rachel will find out if it is her time to love or if she will have to wait.

Told with humor and compassion, this book will make you laugh and cry.

You can buy “A Boyfriend Before Christmas” on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

You can also buy the second book in the Finding Love Series, “Life, Love and the Pursuit of Chocolate” on Amazon. 


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Buy the Romantic Comedy Today!

Most people who don’t know me perceive me as quiet, shy and not very interesting.

But there is more to me than the handsome and mysterious stranger…oh wait, this isn’t a book. Lol. Anyway, what I meant to say is that I can be funny and outgoing, but still, not very interesting.

To show how shocking it can be for the uninitiated to see my other side, I once gave a public speech for an old job. I had the audience rolling with laughter. This is nothing new to me as I’ve given a lot of speeches before. I’m not saying I’m good, just that i can get a laugh or two when I don’t bomb.

One of my coworkers came up to me afterward and asked, “Who are you?” I shrugged and asked what she meant. She then went on to say that I couldn’t be me because the unassuming person she knew at the office was nothing like the one she had just seen.

Go figure.

The different sides to a person can really surprise someone.

I just did the same thing with my new release, “Not Tonight Dear, My Vagina’s Asleep.”

My other books are romantic and hopefully poignant. I’ve had people cry while reading them and tell me they are going to read them at least once a year.

“Not Tonight Dear, My Vagina’s Asleep” changes things. They show the humorous and crazy side of my writing. Or at the very least, the goofy characters that come out when I write a book.

There is bad and shocking language. The word penis is mentioned and even, as you can guess by the title, a vagina. But it is in no way porn or even a bodice-ripping romance.

Sometimes I wonder if the readers that enjoyed the softer side will make the jump to the hard side. (Okay, I blushed when I wrote that.) It’s not for everybody, I get that, but I hope enough give it a chance.

Here is information on the book.

Nakayla Fraser, a 23-year-old, self-absorbed and temperamental model has a skyrocketing career and a handsome boyfriend. Her biggest concern is her arch-nemesis, sweet and gentle, Janet Birchman, an up-and-coming model.

When Nakayla and Janet are set to take part in a celebrity auction to raise money for the Tiny Scouts, Nakayla falls hard for beautiful and charming Jonathan Salazar. There is only one problem. At the auction Jonathan chooses Janet.

To nab him, Nakayla will deploy everything in her all-is-fair-in-love-and-war arsenal. But in the end, she may have to become everything she is not: loveable, caring and nice.

The ebook can be bought on Barnes and Noble and Amazon.


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I’ve produced over 1,000,000 words of fiction. I am in the middle of getting my books out there and after a few months of figuring out this whole self-pubbing thing, I have a few short stories out and two novels, “The Path Home” and “Life, Love and the Pursuit of Chocolate.”

Aside from one high school creative writing class, I’ve never had any lessons on writing. While I understand basic concepts of grammar, (I wouldn’t have gotten out of grad school without it!) my editors will still tell you that I am still prone to writing mistakes such as run-on sentences, misunderstanding semicolons, overusing the same descriptor on the same page, and other English 101 concepts.

Each of my books went through about five beta readers and then two editors (I found out too late that the first editor wasn’t good). I’ve written so long in a coffee shop that the workers have been hired and retired during one of my writing marathons.

My point is I’ve tried really hard. That of course, doesn’t mean anything because as any writer will tell you, we all do our best. It’s kind of like the husband that complains to his wife that he did the dishes and laundry for the last week and he wants to know where his extra desserts are. She replies that baby, when you’ve done it for ten years, then we can talk.

Readers don’t give out A for efforts. They give out money for damn good writing.

As I am about to release two books in the next few weeks, part of me feels like taking a step back and saying, “holy cow, what if I’m not a good writer?” I mean, just because someone writes one book or a thousand novels, it doesn’t mean they are good at it.

I know some of my uncertainty is coming from the reactions to “The Girl in the Coffee Shop” which went free a few months ago. An accumulative 26 or so 1 star reviews is enough to knock the wind out of most writers, and I suppose I am not immune. I was getting a few nice reviews on Goodreads of my other story “Bed Green” so when those 1 stars came for “TGITCS” it made me rethink everything. Some of the complaints were that the story was to short (I struggled with this but as the old saying goes, when the story is over, it’s over, and for me, it was done) as well as poorly written (fair enough if a reader doesn’t like my style) and immature (I’ll be the first one to admit I like goofy humor, but I think some of the reviewers misunderstood and thought the first person narrator was sharing my personal views).

But the experience has forced questions into my mind. What if I am nothing more than a talentless actor in a play? Maybe I am the singer of the viral hit “Chocolate Rain” when I yearn to be Barry White. I am an X Factor castoff when I want nothing more to be that American Idol.

I first scraped pencil across paper when I was about 8 years old, in an attempt to write a good story. It probably sucked, but my mom, of course, would have loved it and said I did a good job had I shown it to her. What if things have never changed?

I know these feelings are partially because of those reviews but then again, I am in the middle of a one hour Adele “Someone Like You” songathon. Maybe I’m just a little sentimental at the moment because of the music. 😉

I write because I want to offer comfort and humor that a wonderful story can bring. I want thousands of people across the world to be able to sit back and get away from their lives for a few hours.

This isn’t a pity party and I am not asking for reassurance or advice. Don’t waste your time talking about how we all get 1 star reviews and so let’s pick the chin up. That’s not what this post is for. I’m just sharing some of my private feelings, and for those that know me, they understand that doesn’t happen very often. Maybe in the end, it is just a way to share with some of you that may be feeling the same way from time to time, that you are not alone.

But I’m going to keep writing, I am going to try and learn from my editors comments and even my critics.

I’ve embedded the song below should anyone want to take a trip down the sad lane with me.


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