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I had a dream last night that the new movie Don Jon is really a zombie romance movie.

Hmmm. I wonder of that would make it a better film. Then again, any movie with Scarlett Johansson can’t go wrong. And add to that a brawlin’ Joseph Gordon-Levitt and maybe a blockbuster is in the making.

I think Rotten Tomatoes gives it an 80% positive rating. Did I read that right?

What do you all think? Should the movie be about zombies or keep it as is?


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Deadlist Catch

So here I am. I keep throwing out my pots into the sea of readers. I spend hours on end letting them soak. I bring them up! Yeah! Readers. And more than I expected.

I move on to the next spot. Throw down my pots with some tasty bait. Haul them up. Nothing.

I move on to other grounds that I have heard are fertile. In go the cages. I even blessed them this time. After a good long soak up into the boat each one comes. Empty. (more…)

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So Good!

It is a tradition every year. Up comes the sunny weather and out come the Otter Pops! (more…)

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Thanks for the Warning!

According to one insane preacher, today is the last day of the world. Well, depending on his biblical views he may just think it’s the start of a thousand year reign of God. Earth may survive, but a whole lot of people are not. You heard that right, we’re done. For most of us earthlings, there is nothing else after 6 pm est.

Because we’re all gonna die! The rapture is gonna happen today.

Normally that’s the story to a bad movie, but not this time! Oh no, this time, people are vanishing and that means a whole lot of pilotless planes, trains and automobiles. And that my friends, means a whole lot of crashes.

And dead people.

So in honor of May 21st and judgment day, I have decided to make a list of five things to do today before the end of the world. (more…)

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Arnold Plays Chess - From Twitter

Well, another politician, another love child.

Be it democrats doing it with a donkey (calling John Edwards – use your imagination about who I am talking about), be it republicans trying to do it with kids (think Mark Foley), be it a green party member that does it in mother nature (green party politicians are pretty rare so try finding one that has misbehaved is even harder, yet I imagine if they do wrong, they do it in nature), politicians are going to find a way to get their wankers wet.  (more…)

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I always love a good commercial. Throw in some comedy and you have my attention.

I felt this commercial delivered well enough. Not to mention it brings into the subconscious mind thoughts of Pam and Jim (more…)

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Ashton Kutcher from Twitter

Ashton is going to replace Charlie Sheen on the hit television show, “Two and a Half Men.”

Wait, did I just write that? Yes I did.

Let me write that again to make sure I have it right. Ashton Kutcher is going to replace Charlie Sheen on ‘Two and a Half Men.’

Yup, still true.

Wow, a man-boy in a man’s world…ahem, role.

It boggles my mind to think that ‘Jake’ on ‘Two and a Half Men’ could practically be Ashton’s uncle given how close they are in age – yes, yes, I know there is a great gulf of years between them, but if you look at both of them you would never know! (more…)

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