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Well, I failed all of you. I was about 24 hours late in getting my book up but hopefully you will forgive me!

Thanks you for all the support you have shown me this last year; my adventure in writing continues as I just released my new book, “The Girl Who Loved Too Much” a ya paranormal romance.

It’s available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

If you all could help spread the word, I would appreciate it! Just copy and paste the following tweet for Twitter and Facebook.

RT: Love is eternal. So is hate. Exciting, action packed YA Para romance, The Girl Who Loved Too much. http://amzn.to/H8D3lx #amazon

Most importantly, let me know if you enjoyed the book!

Here is the blurb for The Girl Who Loved Too Much:

Love is eternal. So is hate.

All 18-year-old Jennifer Gransen wants is to be normal and to be loved. Those in her small town hate her. They believe she is a monster because her eyes are the color of diamonds. Her neighbor, Elder Johnson, is her most vocal enemy and he has not ceased recounting the frightening sounds and vicious sights he once witnessed outside her farm. Her existence as a despised and distrusted teen isn’t going to end soon.

Then, Gabriel comes to town. He is handsome and confident and unlike the other townspeople, doesn’t look away when he sees Jennifer’s eyes.

What should be the start of a beautiful love story turns into war when Jennifer discovers she has the ability to control wind and lightning; Elder decides she is out to destroy Gabriel, as well as the town, and he readies his attack. Jennifer will have to use everything in her power to defeat Elder. If she doesn’t beat him he will destroy her world and unleash the monster he always believed her to be.


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