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I had a dream last night that the new movie Don Jon is really a zombie romance movie.

Hmmm. I wonder of that would make it a better film. Then again, any movie with Scarlett Johansson can’t go wrong. And add to that a brawlin’ Joseph Gordon-Levitt and maybe a blockbuster is in the making.

I think Rotten Tomatoes gives it an 80% positive rating. Did I read that right?

What do you all think? Should the movie be about zombies or keep it as is?


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BBQ Time!

BBQ Time

This is going to be a short post. I am wishing everyone a good weekend. Honor the soldiers that give us freedom.

Have a good time doing it. There is a BBQ at my house. Chicken, steak, tacos and some good drinks. I just realized I forgot dessert!

Ok, off to get it!

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Buy It Today!Author name: Bryan Healey
Genre: Literary Fiction / Contemporary Romance
Price: $2.99 eBook / $12.99 paperback

Book summary:
Kevin is a depressed executive living a predictable life. When he unexpectedly deviates from his paralyzing routine to be with another woman, he finds himself risking everything for redemption.

Kylie, his frustrated and defeated wife, finds solace in a flirtatious encounter with a younger man that sparks a dangerous relationship.

Both unable to pull themselves from their new-found happiness, they rationalize their actions to satisfy their guilt, coming ever closer to an emotionally shattering end for both themselves and their children, who are unwillingly swept into their downward spiral.

A Funny Thing Happened: A True and Funny story from the author’s life!
When I was 13, I started a legal business by mailing in the required forms to the town clerk. They apparently did not check my birth date or require age verification (this was obviously pre-9/11) and so I technically owned a software company. Three months later, I got a letter stating my need to file quarterly taxes. My mother was displeased…

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Caedem’s Thoughts:
Now that is some entrapranureal spirit at age 13. Makes me wonder who paid for the stamps!

I have trouble filling out a voter form, so I have to respect someone that can start a business.

I bet his mother’s displeasure is now happiness at seeing her son as a successful businessperson. Way to go mom, way to raise a smart kid!

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The Reason

The clacking of the keyboard and ink-stained fingers are the reason we write.Bed Green Cover

You can smell coffee on our clothes from hours of sitting in a coffee shop, you can see us dream tales that will hold you spellbound.

We write because we must. We write to take you away.

My new short story will take you to a desert land where a boy learns what a grandmother will do to protect all that she loves.  The story is titled, Bed Green.

You can buy the story for kindle or at smashwords.

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