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Buy the Romantic Comedy Today!

Most people who don’t know me perceive me as quiet, shy and not very interesting.

But there is more to me than the handsome and mysterious stranger…oh wait, this isn’t a book. Lol. Anyway, what I meant to say is that I can be funny and outgoing, but still, not very interesting.

To show how shocking it can be for the uninitiated to see my other side, I once gave a public speech for an old job. I had the audience rolling with laughter. This is nothing new to me as I’ve given a lot of speeches before. I’m not saying I’m good, just that i can get a laugh or two when I don’t bomb.

One of my coworkers came up to me afterward and asked, “Who are you?” I shrugged and asked what she meant. She then went on to say that I couldn’t be me because the unassuming person she knew at the office was nothing like the one she had just seen.

Go figure.

The different sides to a person can really surprise someone.

I just did the same thing with my new release, “Not Tonight Dear, My Vagina’s Asleep.”

My other books are romantic and hopefully poignant. I’ve had people cry while reading them and tell me they are going to read them at least once a year.

“Not Tonight Dear, My Vagina’s Asleep” changes things. They show the humorous and crazy side of my writing. Or at the very least, the goofy characters that come out when I write a book.

There is bad and shocking language. The word penis is mentioned and even, as you can guess by the title, a vagina. But it is in no way porn or even a bodice-ripping romance.

Sometimes I wonder if the readers that enjoyed the softer side will make the jump to the hard side. (Okay, I blushed when I wrote that.) It’s not for everybody, I get that, but I hope enough give it a chance.

Here is information on the book.

Nakayla Fraser, a 23-year-old, self-absorbed and temperamental model has a skyrocketing career and a handsome boyfriend. Her biggest concern is her arch-nemesis, sweet and gentle, Janet Birchman, an up-and-coming model.

When Nakayla and Janet are set to take part in a celebrity auction to raise money for the Tiny Scouts, Nakayla falls hard for beautiful and charming Jonathan Salazar. There is only one problem. At the auction Jonathan chooses Janet.

To nab him, Nakayla will deploy everything in her all-is-fair-in-love-and-war arsenal. But in the end, she may have to become everything she is not: loveable, caring and nice.

The ebook can be bought on Barnes and Noble and Amazon.


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Deadlist Catch

So here I am. I keep throwing out my pots into the sea of readers. I spend hours on end letting them soak. I bring them up! Yeah! Readers. And more than I expected.

I move on to the next spot. Throw down my pots with some tasty bait. Haul them up. Nothing.

I move on to other grounds that I have heard are fertile. In go the cages. I even blessed them this time. After a good long soak up into the boat each one comes. Empty. (more…)

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Buy It Today!

Today author Dean Mayes’ book, The Hambledown Dream, is featured.

But first, as always, Dean is going to share a funny story from his life:
I had the most annoying habit of analyzing peoples conversations whilst writing my novel because I was paranoid about my ability to create decent dialogue. (more…)

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Buy It Today!

Today Samantha Warren’s book Vampire Assassin (Jane #1) is featured.

Samantha is going to share a funny story from her life:
 A man and a giraffe walk into a bar. They order a couple rounds of vodka (ok, more than a couple) and get totally wasted. The giraffe falls on the floor and the man gets up to leave. As he’s walking to the door, the bartender yells, “Hey! You can’t leave that lyin’ there!” The man looks at the giraffe, (more…)

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Today David Gaughran’s book of short stories, “If You Go Into The Woods” is featured.

But first, David is going to share a funny story from his life:
I once woke up face-to-face with a severed bull’s head. I didn’t take it personally though. (more…)

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Buy It Today!

Today Tim Kizer’s book, “Intoxication” is featured.

But first, Tim is going to share a funny story from his life:
A couple of years ago, I visited a friend in San Diego. She hosted a small party at her place that day and, after we had some food, she said that she had bought a dozen scratch off lottery tickets earlier and that she wanted us to help her find out if she had won anything. I had a chance to scratch two of those tickets and was excited to find out that one of them won $10,000. For the next few minutes, (more…)

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Buy It Today!

My guest today is Lisa Scott. She has written a contemporary romance called “Spouse Hunting.” Before we learn about her book, she is going to share a funny story from her life!

A true and funny story from Author Lisa Scott’s life:
I took my young kids to the water park and decided I’d lay in the sun in my bathing suit while they frolicked.  I took off my coverup, exposing some cleavage.  My 7 year-old-son frowned, (more…)

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