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Buy the Holiday Romance Today!

I love the holidays!

The lights have an extra glow against the pure white snow. The familiar croons and swoons of the music is growing on me, even though I hated it as a kid. I enjoy Christmas-themed shows, love the garlands wrapped around banisters, and I still am waiting for that kiss under the mistletoe.

The holidays will be spent relaxing and laughing with family.

But in the meantime, I have spent my days trying to get my new story out. Would you believe spending eleven straight hours on a wooden chair is possible? I do. I’ve done it and man is it a pain. I always forget how much work goes into publishing even though this is my fifth book.

I released my newest book today. It’s the first in the Finding Love series, titled, “A Boyfriend Before Christmas.”

Rachel McDaniel is the main character, just as she is in the second title in the Finding Love series, “Life, Love and the Pursuit of Chocolate.”

I didn’t realize how much I enjoy writing about her, nor how much I like her character.

It’s my hope others like her as well.

So as the snow piles up and the hot chocolate continues to pour, please buy the newest book. It’s a great fire-side read.

Product Description:

A Boyfriend Before Christmas

Rachel McDaniel loves being a single, 29-year-old co-owner of a chocolate shop. But when Rachel’s aging mentor, Mama Bird unexpectedly decides the workaholic youngster needs a boyfriend before Christmas, Rachel must decide what she really wants in life: a man or her thriving career.

The quest for love will send her into hilarious situations. In the end, Rachel will find out if it is her time to love or if she will have to wait.

Told with humor and compassion, this book will make you laugh and cry.

You can buy “A Boyfriend Before Christmas” on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

You can also buy the second book in the Finding Love Series, “Life, Love and the Pursuit of Chocolate” on Amazon. 


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